Summer Programs

FAAP was again invited to be a part of west Aurora school district 129’s summer camp program this year.  Our team of reading mentors provided one-on-one reading assistance to first through third graders at Greenman and Hall elementary schools.  Students met weekly with their mentors to enjoy books together and work on improving their reading abilities.  FAAP provided its collection of high interest books and allowed students to check out a new book each session.

This summer, FAAP launched a new program in coordination with the Santori Aurora Public Library.  The FAAP Summer Reading Buddies Program began its first of two, 4-week sessions this June.  Parents were able to sign their K-5th grade students up to work with one of FAAP’s one-on-one reading mentors.  The reading mentors conducted interest inventories of the children and helped them locate books they were interested in at their appropriate reading levels.  They then found a spot in the library to enjoy those books together.  Families were encouraged to attend with their children and take of advantage of the many resources the library has to offer. This program drew 312 visitors to the library this summer!     

​Second Grade Reading Mentor Program

For 14 years, our Second Grade Reading Mentor Program has paired a student with a trained, supervised reading mentor for 25 weeks. The children are given an opportunity to earn incentives for reading books and passing short reading comprehension quizzes at their reading level."We have learned that if we delay intervention until nine years of age, 75% of children will have difficulty throughout high school." National Institute of Health and Human Services.

Stem Literacy 

We provide opportunities for children to learn to read and integrate stem concepts such as observation, predicting, collecting data, drawing conclusions, making connections, and digital literacy. Our one-on-one mentors can encourage a young child's natural curiosity in science. FAAP's high interest book collection includes non-fiction science books on a wide range of subjects such as dinosaurs, animals, weather, and the environment.