Family Library Night

​FAAP's goal is for every family in Aurora to have a library card and regularly visit the library to check out books.

​Working with East Aurora's Parent and Community Involvement Coordinator and the Parent Advocate along with the Aurora Public Library staff, created monthly family library nights. Parent Liaisons promoted the event at seven elementary schools, families participated in a scavenger hunt, craft, photo booth and earned raffle tickets for a family prize by checking out books.

Our Family Library Nights were a tremendous success this school year! 182 families attended, with a total of 565 people learning about all the resources the Aurora Public Library.

Summer Reading Programs

Studies show six-week summer learning programs can produce statistically significant gains in reading performance.

FAAP's summer reading programs include one-on-one Reading Buddies and Bingo for Books for eight weeks at the Santori Aurora Public Library. This program is offered to every Kindergarten through fifth-grade student in Aurora. 

The Dr. Seuss Sight Word Challenge will be held at nine East Aurora elementary schools. Additionally, FAAP will assist students with neighborhood library nights at Hall and McCleery elementary schools.

​Second Grade Reading Mentor Program

For 15 years, our Second Grade Reading Mentor Program has paired a student with a trained, supervised reading mentor for 25 weeks. The children are given an opportunity to earn incentives for reading books and passing short reading comprehension quizzes at their reading level."We have learned that if we delay intervention until nine years of age, 75% of children will have difficulty throughout high school." National Institute of Health and Human Services.